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About me

I'm a former Environmental Scientist, currently a self-taught web developer based in Barcelona with more than 3 years of experience. I'm part of the Development Team at the Catalan Ornithological Institute where we do our best to bring science projects to the web, with a special focus on citizen science apps and map-based websites.

My main interests are about how we can teach, explain and communicate science in an entertaining but also useful way, where concepts are easy to remember. Storytelling through data visualization is the base to achieve this, combined with animation and interactivity, the result might be extraordinary. I'm working on a couple of personal projects with this characteristics, so stay tuned!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have developed a project with this terms or if you want to collaborate in some sort.


Catalan Ornithological Institute

I have been working for the last two years at the Development Team of the Catalan Ornithological Institute (ICO). These are the main projects I have contributed to or developed.
EuroBirdPortal Pan-european project with the goal to collect and display observational data from citizen science apps and projects of more than 40 countries in real-time.

Main tasks were front-end, special focus on developing phenology charts and timeline.
AlertaForestal Citizen science project to assess the state and health of forests in Catalonia.

Full development of the web with a given design, plus a development of an Android app based on Cordova Apache.
AMB Wildlife Viewer Interactive map with data of last wildlife observations within AMB parks and beaches ( AMB is the public administration of the metropolitan area of Barcelona ).

Front and back-end. Use of Leaflet.js library to display observation points in the map.